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Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education Program

We provide high-quality continuing education courses that furnish you with key competences important in any job market. Our easy-access, flexible and affordable courses will enhance your personal education, professional self-confidence and your CV. Add a certificate to your competence profile from one of the most renowned German universities and get a sound introduction to topics like diversity, intercultural communication, sustainability, leadership and many more. Learners from all over the world and at all stages of the life-long learning process are welcome. A wide range of topics with a focus on contemporary teaching methods will help participants navigate pressing societal issues and changes in the workplace.

Gain a Certificate from Freie Universität Berlin

After successful completion of each lifelong learning course, you will add a certificate of attendance to your competence profile from one of the most renowned German universities.

Become a Certified Expert in your chosen field and save money

Attend three continuing education courses in one of our core areas of expertise such as

  • Communication Skills
  • International Project Management
  • Personal Management
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Sustainable Thinking

and receive a badge with an additional certificate listing all the courses you have completed.

By booking your third FUB-ContinuEd course, you get a discount of €150.

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Course Calendar 2024


Abid (India)

"Exciting and enlightening interactions with colleagues, course experts, and the course facilitator enriched my learning experience."

Francesca (Italy)

"The multi-dimensional perspective, the opportunity to learn more about crisis and organisational change management have been the added value of the course for my future professional life."

Vincent (France)

"I enjoyed the diversity of the topics addressed in the sessions, mixing theories and practical exercises."

Yushu (Malaysia)

"The curriculum was structured so effectively. Our instructor taught the course with great dedication and sensitivity. Her constructive and encouraging feedback helped me a lot."