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Master the art of scientific writing – with our course Academic Writing in German

Are you planning to study, do a PhD, or work in academia in a German-speaking country? Our course in academic writing in German will help you update your academic writing skills – according to German academic standards.

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What is academic writing?

Academic writing is a specific style of writing that is used in scholarly contexts. It is characterized by its use of formal language, clear and concise arguments, and proper citation of sources. Here are some of the key features of academic writing:

  • Formal language: Academic texts use formal language, which means avoiding slang, colloquialisms, and contractions.
  • Clarity and conciseness: Your writing in academic contexts should be clear and concise, with a logical structure and well-supported arguments.
  • Proper citation of sources: Academic writing skills require the proper citation of sources.

Is our academic writing course the right one for you?

Studying or working academically in the German-speaking world not only requires a high-level knowledge of German. You also must be aware of the rules and conventions of academic writing in German. This course is ideal for you …

  • if you are a non-native speaker of German and want to study, do a PhD, conduct research, or collaborate with German-speaking academics
  • if you are planning to teach or work administratively at a university in a German-speaking country
  • if you are planning to work as specialized journalist in German or publish your academic work in German-language journals

You want to master how to structure and format your texts according to German academics’ standards and avoid common mistakes in scientific writing? Then enroll now and get a compact introduction to writing elegant and interesting academic texts in German!

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What you will learn during the course

Our academic writing course in German will teach you techniques and skills that will enable you to write better texts and express your expertise with linguistic quality. At the end of this course, you will be able to produce clearly structured, understandable, and engaging academic texts in German.

You will work on the following formats:

  • presentations
  • reviews
  • academic term papers
  • project papers
  • doctoral theses and dissertations

The course will not only familiarize you with the German scientific style and academic conventions in writing scientific papers. It will also teach you how to reference sources correctly.

For more information, please see:

  • Syllabus for Academic Writing in German by Dr. Marita Meyer (courses in Spring / Fall)
  • Syllabus for Academic Writing in German by Dr. Anja Richter (courses in Summer)

Learn more about the academic writing course in the video

By watching the videos you can find out if your German skills are sufficient to follow the course.

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Academic Writing in German at a glance

The next course for academic writing will take place during Fall Term 2024 and will start on October 17. Here is an overview of what you can expect of our offer:

Course format 100% online course with weekly live sessions as well as asynchronous work in between
Course duration October 17 - December 12, 2024 (9 weeks)
Live sessions Thursdays, 5.00 – 6.30 p.m. Berlin Time (CEST until October 27, 2024, then CET)
Registration deadline September 19, 2024
Workload 4 hours/ week
Language of instruction German
  • A good command of German, both spoken and written, at least Level B2
  • The willingness and ability to participate and actively contribute to the weekly live sessions of this course
  • A high motivation to write and the courage to make mistakes (in order to learn from them)
Technical requirements A stable internet connection as well as a quiet work environment
Course fees

650 Euros + 75 Euros for registration

Receive a discount of 75 € on your registration for a second course!


Certificate of attendance from Freie Universität Berlin

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Course reviews

Bertrand Collins Ngong, USA

This course fulfilled all my expectations by covering a wide range of topics: scientific vocabulary, correct citation, writing an abstract, the grammar of a scientific text, writing a thesis paper, tips for a successful oral presentation, creating a bibliography and much more. Dr. Marita Meyer is a highly competent, very professional, very patient, and particularly methodical teacher. This course has helped me to write my term papers in German better and will help me all my life.

Yushu Soon, Malaysia

The curriculum was structured so effectively that my knowledge of linguistic and stylistic aspects of academic writing was deepened through interesting reading and goal-oriented writing assignments in a short period of time. I now feel more confident to write academic texts in German. In addition, Dr. Meyer taught the course with great dedication and sensitivity. Her constructive and encouraging feedback helped me a lot.

Karen Hemphill, USA

I have enjoyed the class very much, and I have learned a great deal about the differences between academic papers written in various parts of the world. It highlights so many aspects of the stylistic elements needed to write a strong academic text in German. The opportunity to interact with others, do presentations and learn from the instructor is fantastic. The instructor is engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly.  It has been a great confidence builder and for those who are passionate about the German language, regardless of your age, I would encourage you to enroll in this course.

You are a non-native speaker of German and want to create the best starting conditions for your academic career in a German-speaking country? Enroll now for our next term!

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Meet your instructors

Dr. Marita Meyer                             

Dr. Marita Meyer teaches the academic writing course in German during the spring and the fall term. She studied Germanic Philology, Philosophy and History of Art in Heidelberg, where she obtained her PhD in 2000 with a book on Peter Weiss and questions of representing the Holocaust. Since 2007, Marita Meyer has been teaching German literature and culture at Freie Universität Berlin.

Dr. Anja Richter

Dr. Anja Richter teaches Academic Writing in German during the summer term. She studied Modern German literature, History of Art, as well as Film and Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin and received her M.A. there. In 2010, she received her PhD for a thesis on religious and philosophical aspects in German literature after 1945. Since 2012, Anja Richter has been a lecturer in German literature at the International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) at Freie Universität.

How to register

You want to participate in the course Academic Writing in German? Then follow the link below and read more about our fees and registration policies before heading on to registration itself.

Please note: The registration deadline is 4 weeks prior to the start of each course (see specific deadline above).

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If you have further questions, please get in touch!

Maria Heckmann
Program Manager