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Our Vision

FUB-ContinuEd is a future-oriented, international continuing education program of Freie Universität Berlin. We provide high-quality, hands-on certificate courses for people at all stages of life and of all professional backgrounds who want to acquire knowledge and essential skills for their individual development. By offering a wide range of topics and formats, we allow our participants to flexibly integrate further education into their everyday lives. In doing so, we focus on contemporary teaching methods and topics that will help participants navigate pressing societal issues and changes in the workplace.

What's the idea?

FUB-ContinuEd provides high-quality, life-long learning courses that furnish you with key competences important in any job market – no matter whether you’re just about to enter that market for the first time or whether you have been successfully active in it for quite a while already. We aim to equip you with up-to-date skills and knowledge to tackle the pressing questions of today’s professional world so you can make a difference in all of your working relations.

What can I learn?

Gain additional qualification to become a better team leader, team player, or business partner for your international clients and stakeholders. Improve your communication, negotiation, or problem-solving skills, whatever your profession. Quickly grasp the basics of concepts important to current discourse like sustainability, diversity, or corporate social responsibility, and get a better understanding of their implications for your own professional or private life with an FUB-ContinuEd course.

Who should enroll?

Our certificate courses are designed for learners around the globe and at all stages of the life-long learning process – young professionals, graduates, postgraduates, experienced professionals from all fields looking for additional qualification, advanced students, or retired professionals. The internationality of the courses is at the core of our program and makes the exchange of experiences among participants an enriching part of the learning.

Why should I enroll with you?

Whether you are attending an FUB-ContinuEd course parallel to a job, in between jobs, or in combination with a course of graduate or postgraduate studies, or simply because you are still curious and want to continue learning about the world – we want to make this an easy-access, enjoyable, practically useful, affordable, and rewarding learning experience with you. You will come away with additional qualifications for your CV and your professional practice, but also with fresh insights and more confidence to do better in whatever it is you do.

Have a look at our online courses, on-site course and training for corporates today, and send us an e-mail if you are looking for something that isn’t in our course portfolio yet. We look forward to meeting you!


If you have further questions, please get in touch!

Maria Heckmann
Program Manager