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Academic Requirements

Our certificate courses are designed for learners at all stages of the life-long learning process – young professionals, graduates, postgraduates, experienced professionals from all fields looking for additional qualification, advanced students, or retired professionals. While we therefore do not demand proof of a formal degree, participants in our courses should possess a certain degree of academic or professional experience, analytical skills, and self-learning discipline so they can follow the course and the assigned readings, deal with the type of questions posed, contribute meaningful insights and analyses to the discussions in class, and complete the assignments given by the instructors by applying systematic, structured, cohesive, and creative thinking, alone or in collaboration with others.

Attendance of the online live sessions / on-site workshop days is essential for your successful and meaningful completion of a course. To receive a certificate for any course, a minimum attendance rate of two-thirds of all synchronous online sessions or of the on-site course time is necessary.

In online courses the synchronous live sessions will be combined with additional material and intensive work through the online course platform, both individually and in groups. Please see the specific course requirements for the various assignments.

To learn more about our requirements, please read our General Terms and Conditions of Business (PDF).

To ensure a comfortable learning environment for all, please adhere to our Program Regulations and Code of Conduct (PDF).