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Fit learning into your busy life with our flexible online continuing education courses. Explore our catalog of engaging and career-relevant trainings - taught by experts, designed for you.

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What is further education?

Further education, also known as continuing education, is a type of education that takes place after an individual has completed their initial training, e.g., their master studies. You can use it to upskill and reskill to upgrade your CV and boost your professional confidence. Or you can simply learn new things for your personal enrichment. Continuing education courses are offered by a variety of institutions, including universities, colleges, and private training providers. The key in choosing the right course for you is to know in which environment you learn best.

Get to know our offer of continuing education courses

Here at FUB-ContinuEd, we offer a range of continuing education courses to help you get better equipped for modern workplaces, especially for working abroad and/ or with international teams. Here is an overview of our current online course program: