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Dr. Andreas M. Krafft


Positive Futures - Die Hoffnungswerkstatt

Dr. Andreas M. Krafft is a lecturer in the Master's program in Futures Research at Freie Universität Berlin, and has also been a lecturer for many years at the universities of St. Gallen, Zurich, Basel and Lisbon on topics such as the psychology of future thinking, hope, optimism, and positive psychology. He is co-president of swissfuture, the Swiss Association for Futures Research, and a board member of the Swiss Positive Psychology Association (SWIPPA) as well as the German-speaking Association of Positive Psychology (DACH-PP e.V.). For several years he has been heading of the International Research Network of the Hope Barometer and author of several scientific publications on the topic of hope and the future.

Dr. Krafft has already successfully implemented the program "Positive Futures - Die Hoffnungswerkstatt" in several high schools and vocational schools in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In 2021, the Ethics Advisory Board of the Economic Senate has honored HAK Lustenau (AT) for this program as the winner of the Austrian SDG Award in the category Initiatives by and for Youth.

Dr. Andreas M. Krafft teaches the on-site course:

Positive Futures - Die Hoffnungswerkstatt