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Daisy Krüger


Less Conflict, More Cooperation: Mindful Communication in the Workplace

Daisy Krüger's enthusiasm for language and for the inner and outer dynamics of human encounters has led her to linguistics (MA, HU Berlin) and further to process-oriented psychology & N-process facilitation (2010-2014). Since 2015 she has been working as a freelance supervisor and coach as well as a trainer in personnel development for professionals and executives. As a lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, she teaches international students on the topics of self-management and professional relationship management.

She accompanies and supports individual and collective development and change processes in a mindful and respectful way. Her work focuses on mindful leadership and self-management as well as the role of empathy and compassion in shaping sustainable relationships with others and with oneself. At its core, this usually involves the questions of how safe containers can be created, how authenticity arises in connection, and how this affects one's own relational competence as a (self-)leadership quality.

Methodologically, her work is characterized by an immediate focus on what is happening in the here and now, she works in individual and group formats, in person and online, creatively, dynamically, deeply democratic, humorous, to the point.

Daisy Krüger teaches the online and on-site courses:

Less Conflict, More Cooperation: Mindful Communication in the Workplace (Online) Conflict Management Through Mindful Communication (On-Site)