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Nicolas Rode


Problem-Solving Skills for Multi-Stakeholder Challenges

Joining the University of Potsdam as an advisor in 2016, Nicolas Rode successfully acquired funding for the strategic project “Innovative University Potsdam” (2018-2022). Since 2018, Nicolas works at Potsdam Transfer, the transfer, start-up and innovation service unit of the University. His work focuses on support of innovation processes. He helps researchers and organisations in joining their research and innovation capabilities. To this end, he develops, together with his team and external partners, new approaches for the successful knowledge and technology transfer between actors from science, business, education and society. Nicolas uses methods from social and economic sciences with approaches from design thinking and innovation research.

He has designed and led numerous studies and projects. Nicolas studied Political Science, majoring in European Studies and Public Law at the University of Münster and Science Po Lille, France. In 2009, he completed a Master's degree in Immigration and Settlements at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Back in Europe, he worked as a consultant in European and national projects at PCG-Project Consult GmbH, focusing on cooperation in restructuring and vocational training.


Problem-Solving Skills for Multi-Stakeholder Challenges